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Headless Entanglement [Comedy, 2019]

Directed by: Per-Ingvar Tomren

Produced by: Raymond Volle, Per-Ingvar Tomren, Kim Haldorsen

Starring: Per-Ingvar Tomren, Raymond Volle, Tormod Lien, Ia Marie Stavestrand

This project started out of Raymond Volle and Per-Ingvar Tomren realising they wouldn’t be able to afford making the film they were developing the way they wanted, so they decided to just make a black comedy about it. The screenplay was a very easy write for Tomren, because he took events from Volle and his own life and just infused a few made up situations. Most of the dialog is taken verbatim from conversations they have had in real life, and even in those fabricated situations it’s simple enough for Tomren to imagine how he and Volle would react and what they would say. The movie has ended up as a true mess were the line between reality and fiction is so blurred the filmmakers them self are confused as to which is true and which is false. It was a story that almost wrote itself, and Tomren finished the first draft in just three weeks.

Volle and Tomren have reunited with producer Kim Haldorsen, actor Tormod Lien, actor Cai-Thomas Gommesen and actor/stuntman Jan Rune Ødegård from “Christmas Cruelty!”. The opening scene takes place at a Serbian airport, so the very first thing they had to do on principal photography was building a Serbian airport in a shopping mall, shoot the scene and remove any trace of being there in only 50 hours. This was an extremely ambitious undertaking for the small crew, and they were incredibly relieved when they actually pulled it off. Volle and Tomren have also traveled around the world filming small bits and pieces for the movie, like one clip in Italy, one clip in Sarpsborg, a few shots in Los Angeles and a couple of things in Oslo. At the moment they are getting the main location ready for filming, and will start filming there this fall when the view through the windows are right for the story.

Gokartopalypse [Short]

Directed by: Per-Ingvar Tomren, Raymond Volle

Produced by: Raymond Volle, Per-Ingvar Tomren

Starring: Tormod Lien, Anita Nyhagen

A short film about a go-kart enthusiast played by Tormod Lien (“Christmas Cruelty!”).

This short was made primarily to test a lot equipment, drones and camera rigs Raymond Volle and Per-Ingvar Tomren were thinking about using on a feature length ghost film called “Angst”, but as they often do they ended up destroying most of the equipment they were testing. They usually like to push limits, and this often end up wreaking havoc. Their desire to get daring angles of fast moving go-karts and spectacular footage from their drones, resulted in several crashes and lots of ruined equipment.

They did however film all the footage they need for this short, but as they got busy with the production of “Headless Entanglement” the assemble of “Gokartopalypse” has been put on hold.

Angst [Horror]

Directed by: Per-Ingvar Tomren, Raymond Volle

Produced by: Raymond Volle, Per-Ingvar Tomren

“Angst” is a throw back to 80’s horror movies, a typical story about a group of teenagers on a deserted haunted island.

Raymond Volle and Per-Ingvar Tomren are big fans of in-camera effects, and wanted to make a film filled with all these elaborate tricks. After coming up with tons of cool ghost effects, they realised the project had become too expensive for them to produce at the moment. So they decided to rather make a comedy about them self trying to make “Angst”, and that became “Headless Entanglement”.


Volle and Tomren still hope to get the opportunity to make “Angst” at some point in the future.